Gesso panels for painting in egg tempera     

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Gesso panels for painting in egg tempera

Gesso panels with a smooth, finely sanded finish that is the correct surface for painting in egg tempera.  Painted with 8 coats of traditional gesso: French Whiting and Rabbit’s Skin glue. The back is also gessoed. Standard panels use 9mm MDF and other thicknesses are available. There is a discount of 15% for 4 panels of the same size, before postage costs.


Email your order with your full address to and we will send you a Paypal email invoice to pay by card/Paypal.

Orders take 5-6 days before despatch and are sent using standard parcel post.  

See the list below for our standard range, or enquire about special orders at

A 15cm x 20cm x 9mm

1 x A: £11.55 inc p&p

4 x A: £34.56 inc p&p

B 20cm x 26cm x 9mm

1 x B: £13.50 inc p&p

4 x B: £41.70 inc p&p

C 26cm x 26cm x 9mm

1 x C: £16.10 inc p&p

4 x C: £50.60 inc P&P

D: 20cm x 30cm x 9mm

1 x D: £15.60 inc p&p

4 x D: £48.84

E: 30cm x 40cm x9mm

1 x E: £25.00 inc p&p

4 x E: £81.14